ACE Capital Group is a land banking company. We are not real estate brokers or financial advisors. We are the principals who purchase and sell carefully selected California pre-developed land. Our purpose is to reach as many people as we can, and help enlighten them on the potential for extraordinary profits that may accrue from land banking.

Land banking is the process of purchasing land in the path of growth of a major metropolitan area, holding it for profits to accrue as population increases, and then selling to developers/builders or others, who would like to continue the land banking until the price of the land reaches its marginal limit. An example of Land banking is the land market in the Los Angeles basin during the past decades. The average land price rose from about $10,000 per acre in 1960 to about $100,000 per acre in 1980 and over $1,000,000 per acre today.

Our business has evolved from the extremely successful personal investments of our founders. Our proven three step formula provides individuals and business owners with an innovative option to secure a better retirement, a legacy for their children and grandchildren; and we have voluminous testimonials from our buyers attesting to their satisfaction.

  • We facilitate and instruct people about purchasing land for land banking.
  • We help qualified retirement account holders to roll over their funds from the volatile stock market into the ownership of pre-developed California land.
  • We have many, many testimonials from our buyers attesting to their satisfaction.

“The goal of ACE Capital Group is to help our customers capitalize on the land banking process. Satisfied customers spawn a progeny of business and generate gainful employment. Our successful business model is founded on the perception expressed by John D. Rockefeller in these few words, “The major fortune in America has been made in land.” Whether you’re a baby boomer entering your retirement years or an astute wealth builder, you will find that ACE Capital Group has a time-tested proven formula that provides one of the best alternatives for land banking.”

Chen C. Wang, President & CEO, ACE Capital Group

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